Quality Plan

In our regular working process, the production flow is followed with our quality plan shown below:

  • Incoming raw material is traceable up to millís heat number (every coil of wire), which is tagged with millís heat.
  • More than 250 sets of high speed heading and thread rolling machines are running 24 hours.
  • Our 1,000 workers are trained to operated with care in every working process.
  • With high reputation in Self Drilling screws, our specialized staff for Drilling point section are trained to supervise new workers accordingly.
  • As environmental concerned, our plating lines now are completely followed RoHS applications.
  • In order to serve ZERO DEFECT Screws (100 PPM), we invested in laser sorting machines to serve those demands since year 2000.
  • Our finished goods stock is prepared to serve customer on time.
  • Daily delivery is operated by ourselves all over Thailand. For Worldwide customers, we load more than 15 containers weekly.

Factory Interior

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Incoming Raw Material


Production Line


Production Line


Drilling Point Process


Electro Plating


Laser Sorting Process




Delivery & Logistic